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Large scale planting

If you’re looking to plant a large number of trees on your farm or private land we can help.

We can offer you:

  • Tailored advice
  • Grants and funding
  • Trees and protection

All the trees we supply are sourced and grown in the UK.

You can also buy tree packs which will be delivered straight away that are suitable for planting large areas of land. 


Please note, due to popular demand we now only have funding available for the 2020 planting seasons: January-March 2020 and November-December 2020.

If you are planting in the Northern Forest then we still have trees available for planting in January-March and November-December 2019. This is thanks to the initial funding from Defra to kick start planting the 50million trees we need across the Northern Forest over 25 years. Get your application in as soon as possible to avoid delays and be part of the Northern Forest.

Think big with MOREwoods. Whether you want to plant a shelterbelt or harvest your own wood fuel, we’ll visit your site to take a look at where you want to plant and:

  • Help you design your woodland and select the most appropriate species mix
  • Make a bespoke site report
  • Assign a dedicated project officer who’ll help guide your application from start to finish.

If you plant the trees yourself, we’ll contribute at least 60% of the costs. If you would like a contractor to plant the trees and provide a weeding service for the first two years we’ll contribute 50% of the costs.

The contract option is available in England and Wales to anyone planting over one hectare. Our advice and support is free even if you decide not to plant.

Remember, if you require the trees quicker, packs can be purchased from the Woodland Trust shop.

Trees: minimum 500 Species: our advisors will select the best species for you and your land Size of land: more than 0.5 hectares (1.25 acres) Protection: we will help you choose the correct protection for your trees Advisor: yes – site visit by one of our advisers or a carefully selected contractor, one to one advice Cost: if you plant the trees yourself we will contribute at least 60% of the cost. If you decide to plant using a contractor we will contribute 50%

Apply for MOREwoods

Thanks to generous funding from our partner Sainsbury’s. 

MOREwoods for crofts 

We can also support planting trees on crofts and common grazings in Scotland. There are a number of ways that we can help including support with forestry proposals and funding for trees and protection.

Please get in touch to chat about your requirements

MOREhedges – still available from November 2019

Hedge your bets. We can help with funding if you’re planting new hedgerows on your land. We can subsidise 60% of the cost if you plant more than 100 metres of new hedging with a large tree growing through every six metres.

We’ll visit your site, chat about your plans and assign a project officer for support throughout.

Species: a standard hedgerow mix of blackthorn, crab apple, dogwood, dog rose, elder, field maple, hawthorn, plus your choice of tree species for full height trees Size of land: 100 metres+ of hedge Protection: we will help you choose the correct protection for your trees Advisor: yes - site visit by one of our advisers or a carefully selected contractor, one to one advice Cost: we will contribute at least 60% of the costs of trees, protection and delivery

Apply for MOREhedges


MOREhedges is intended to support connectivity in the landscape so some eligibility criteria apply – please contact us if you would like more details. Get in touch using our enquiry form or call us on 0330 333 5303.

Trees for your farm

Make agroforestry a part of your farm. Improve soil and water quality, give shade and shelter to livestock and reap the benefits of a year round crop.

We can offer:

  • free advice and support for famers.
  • a tree planting assessment for your whole farm
  • tailored planting schemes to support your business objectives.

Delivered through PUR project funding for suitable and approved sites.

Trees: a minimum of 100 trees Species: our advisors will help you choose the best species for you and your land Protection: we will help you choose the correct protection for your trees Advisor: yes - site visit, one to one advice Cost: fully funded if eligible

Email us to apply

Don’t own the land yet?

Don’t worry. We can work with you, alongside chartered Surveyors John Clegg and Co, to help you search for the right piece of land over 25ha. We’ll also spend five days producing a bespoke planting plan to help you create your own designer woodland.

Please get in touch to chat about your requirements

Not quite what you’re looking for?

We can help you create bespoke planting plans for your land. If you want to plant as part of your business, plant at a landscape scale or work in partnership with us please get in touch.