Powering our tree packs

Working in partnership with us, OVO is driving positive change for the planet and for communities. Planting trees together is a symbol of our shared fight for nature recovery.

Since 2020, OVO has supported the planting of more than 1.75 million trees by schools and communities across the UK through our tree packs.

1.75 million

trees have already been planted through the school and community tree pack scheme

By working together to increase tree cover through tree packs, leading the charge in the push for positive change across policy, business and finance, and attending events to keep our natural world at the very top of the agenda, we're clearly showing how support and commitment from business is vital to affect great change in the fight for a healthier planet for people and nature.

Darren Moorcroft
Chief executive, the Woodland Trust

Credit: David Parry

A promise of change

We're honoured to support OVO in its Planting Promise and Plan Zero journey - part of its commitment to incorporate nature in its decision making, aid nature's recovery and secure its future for generations to come.

The Woodland Trust was a key part of OVO's Path to Zero launch event at the Tate Modern, an initiative helping customers to power their homes in a greener way and reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Protecting the natural environment is central to our sustainability strategy. Protection and restoration of woods and trees helps to mitigate climate change as well as adapt to warming temperatures. We are committed to supporting amazing organisations like the Woodland Trust, whose knowledge, ambition and passion for people, wildlife and all life sets out a future where we can all thrive.

Owen Anderson
Head of sustainability, OVO