What we're looking to achieve

On 1st September 2020, OVO Energy announced that they would be switching all of their customer’s energy tariffs to 100% renewable energy. OVO will plant a tree for each of their one million+ customers, and are planning to plant 500,000 of these via the Woodland Trust, through the school and community tree pack scheme.

trees will be planted through the school and community tree pack scheme

OVO Energy have made a huge commitment for our planet. Each of the 500,000 trees that are planted by children and community groups alike will help us address our low tree cover UK-wide. But that’s not all – OVO have the determination and energy to drive positive change through inspiring their customers and policy makers to recognise the true potential of our wood and trees.

Pip Borrill
Head of Partnerships at the Woodland Trust

Lending their voice 

OVO Energy have helped us spread the word about woods and trees by supporting both our Tree of the Year and Big Climate Fightback campaigns through a selection of blogs and posts on social media. 

Striving for change

OVO called on the government to get serious about tree planting and enshrine a tree planting target in law, kickstarting the campaign with a government petition to ensure we deliver on ambitions. The petition reached over 10,000 signatures. Read the Government's response.

Harnessing the power of trees to absorb greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the impacts of climate change and support the mental health of the next generation is incredibly important. That’s why we’re taking action by planting a tree for every new and existing OVO member, for every year they’re a member, and raising awareness about their importance. The more we learn about nature and enjoy being in it, the more likely we are to take action to protect our planet.

Andrea McCormick
Head of Sustainability at OVO