Conker crafts

Child with a handful of conkers
Look out for shiny brown conkers in September and October (Photo: Michael Heffernan/WTML)

At this time of year, you’ll find lots of lovely conkers lying at the base of horse chestnut trees. So, apart from playing the traditional game, what can you do with them? We’ve put together some crafty ideas to help you get creative with conkers.

Make a conker worm

Conker worm
Make a wiggly conker worm (Photo: Michelle Blackburn/WTML)

1. Collect some conkers and make a hole in each one with a nail or metal skewer – best to get a grown up to do this for you!

2. Wrap a piece of sticky tape around the end of a length of string or wool to make it stiff (or use a shoelace) and thread it through the conkers. Add as many as you like.

3. Paint a pair of eyes on the end conker, or glue on some googly eyes, and you have a worm! If you want to turn it into a snake, give it a forked tongue made of felt or card. (By the way, it’s easier to glue things to the shiny part of the conker if you roughen it with some sandpaper or a nail file first.)

Create some conker art

Put a piece of paper into the base of a cardboard box, and squeeze big blobs of paint onto it. Add some conkers, put the lid on and roll them around. What sort of picture do they make?

If you like, you could choose an autumn colour scheme for your conker painting, or even jazz it up with some glitter.

Make a conker necklace

Conker necklace and bracelet
Create conker jewellery (Photo:

Choose some especially glossy and beautiful conkers and make a chunky necklace – or bracelet – by threading them onto a piece of wool or string.

You could add some other pretty natural objects, such as seed heads or tiny pine cones, or even mix in some colourful beads.

Turn them into pencil toppers

Ever noticed that some conkers look like they have ‘faces’? You can use these to make really cute pencil toppers. (Of course, you can paint a face on a conker too.) First, get a grown up to make a hole for the pencil. The easiest way to do this is to stick a scissors into the conker and twist it round until the hole is big enough. Then glue on some wool for hair.

You could also get creative and try making them into little creatures. Use felt to cut out some mouse ears, or perhaps feathers and a beak.

Check out our activities section for more conker-themed ideas. How about making these kooky conker models, or rustling up some yummy chocolate conkers? Of course, you could always have a game on conkers too.

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