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Discover the magic of woodland with family membership and share your love of trees with your children.

Credit: Michael Heffernan / WTML
Credit: Michael Heffernan / WTML

Muddy boots. Big smiles. Precious memories.

When your family joins the Woodland Trust we’ll help you connect with nature and enjoy special moments together.

Whether you’re exploring your favourite wood or getting stuck into arts and crafts, our family membership is a hands-on way to help you and your children enjoy the natural world together. Plus, as members, you can be proud you’re protecting our environment for future generations.

What you get with family membership

Membership card

Family welcome box

Get a heartfelt welcome into our community, plus your membership cards.

Broadleaf trees

Directory of 1,000 woods

Discover Woodland Trust woods across the UK and plan your next adventure.


Broadleaf magazine

Receive four issues of Broadleaf – our exclusive member magazine filled with tree news and Trust stories.


Starter packs for children

Get Nature Detectives membership for each child, including activities, stickers and their own membership cards.


Activity packs every season

Kids receive their own Nature Detectives post four times a year, bursting with adventures suitable for their age.


Tree ID guide

Identify trees while you’re out exploring with your handy tree ID guide - great for the whole family!

Please note that due to Covid-19, processing your membership may take longer than usual. For the latest information on progress with your order, visit our services update page.

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We no longer offer individual child membership. However, youngsters can still become Nature Detectives when they join as part of a family membership.

In fact, it's even more fun together!

I took my children to see the wood I played in every weekend as a child. They swung on the same rope swings and did all the things I used to do. Our family membership shows them how much fun woods can be, plus we're supporting the Woodland Trust who give everyone access to these amazing places.

Will Saunders
Dad and family member

Your family membership - making a difference

Credit: Judith Parry / WTML

Help us plant trees

We urgently need more trees to tackle the climate crisis. Your family’s membership could help us plant new native trees with schools and communities right here in the UK.

Credit: Richard Becker / WTML

Protect woods and wildlife

Our members help us care for more than 1,000 woods, from tranquil urban oases to irreplaceable ancient woodlands. With your family’s support we can continue to protect these precious habitats and ensure wildlife thrives.

Credit: Ben Lee / WTML

Inspire a new generation of nature-lovers

We work with 12,000 schools across the UK, getting kids learning outdoors and sparking a lifelong love of trees and wildlife. But we can only do this with help from members like you.

Credit: Rob Grange / WTML

Improve health and wellbeing

Green spaces are vital for our physical and mental health and trees play an important role – whether it’s reducing air pollution or alleviating stress. With your family’s support we can create a greener, cleaner environment for our children to grow up in.

How we spend your money

We spend 82p of every £1 you give directly on trees, woods and wildlife. The other 18p helps us raise the next £1. But don’t just take our word for it.

See your money in action

Family exploring a wood together

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Discover nature together with family membership and help us protect trees, woods and wildlife.

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