Your family day out checklist

Family having a day out in the woods
Plan your perfect woodland family day out with our handy checklist. (Photo: WTML)

Make sure you’re all set for the perfect woodland day out with our step-by-step guide and family day out checklist.

Pick your wood

Just enter your postcode to find a wood near you. For each wood, you’ll find lots of useful information, such as travel directions, where to park, facilities, and trees and wildlife to look out for.

Before you leave

Check the local weather forecast. It’s best to postpone your trip if there’s risk of thunder storms or strong winds, which can bring down branches.

If you plan to explore a large area of woodland, tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to be back. Remember you can’t always get a good mobile signal in the woods.

Family day out checklist

Make sure you’re well equipped with our handy checklist.

  • Wellies so kids can go wading in puddles and streams
  • Sturdy walking shoes
  • Light waterproofs if the weather looks uncertain (useful to sit on too)
  • Sunscreen
  • Basic first aid kit containing plasters, antiseptic cream, antihistamine cream, and pointed tweezers in case of thorns or ticks
  • Hand sanitisers
  • Map (if it’s a big wood)
  • Magnifying glass for inspecting minibeasts
  • Camera (and spare batteries)
  • Nature Detectives activities and spotter sheets
  • Snacks to keep up energy levels, or why not take a family picnic?
  • Water, or other drinks – running around in the woods is thirsty work!
  • Poo bags, if you’re taking the dog
  • A few plastic bags for taking home rubbish, or carrying woodland objects kids have collected

On the way there (and back)

Start your woodland experience on the journey, and keep kids occupied, with these fun travel activities:

  • Travel bingo - Give them a list of wood-related things to look out for, such as a pub named after a tree or a woodland creature, a place or street name connected with woods, a tree with a fat trunk, a tree with flowers on it, a wooden building, a green car
  • Alphabet game - We’re off to the woods today to look for an ant, some bark, a conker, a dragonfly… take turns to add to the list as you work your way through the alphabet. Each player has to remember and repeat everything that’s already been said before adding a new one
  • 20 questions - One player thinks of something you find in the woods – it could be a plant, an animal or an object. The other players have 20 questions to see if they can guess what it is. The answers can only be ‘yes’ or ‘no’
  • Reverse I-Spy - Play this on the way home to keep kids thinking about what they’ve seen and done. It doesn’t just have to be things they’ve spied. They could start their clue with: ‘On my woodland adventure, I played / I found / I climbed / I collected / I heard, something beginning with…’

What are your family day out essentials? Let us know if we’ve missed anything in the comments below.

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