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The Street Trees project

Street Trees

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They're our neighbours. Old friends. They're at the heart of our community. Street trees add character to our streets, join us on our daily commute and provide a host of benefits for people, wildlife and our urban environment.

But they're under threat.

Lack of appreciation, shrinking budgets and simple neglect means our street trees are disappearing. It's up to us -- all of us -- to stand up and demand change. We want to see more street trees planted and better care for those we already have.

You can make a difference

Life is better with street trees. They're a public asset and belong to all of us, so it's up to us to make sure they're recognised and valued.

In 2018, we helped 500 community groups to celebrate and protect their street trees, and worked with local authorities across the country to put in place policies that recognise the true value of trees in urban environments.

We can help you too, whether you’re a passionate individual concerned about how trees are being cared for in your town, or a councillor trying to make greener streets that work for everyone.

Our trees need people all over the country to take up the mantle of caring for street trees: find out more about the trees in your town or city, who looks after them and how they are maintained.

You could help raise awareness in your local community, support your local council in its efforts to care for them or hold it to account if it doesn't. Our free resources will help you get started, and we're here to offer support too.  

Meet our street fighters

People just like you across the UK are fighting for their street trees. They're planting the street trees of the future, rallying the support of their communities and influencing local planning policies.

Be inspired by their stories