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Free tree packs for schools

Apply for our giveaway saplings to plant in your school grounds.

We give away trees to schools and community groups across the UK every March and November (to coincide with tree-planting season).

They are ideal for gardening and nature clubs. They also help to improve your school grounds and encourage more wildlife to your local area.

Discover other benefits of planting trees in your school grounds on the Eco-Schools website.

Schools can apply for packs of 30, 105 or 420 saplings. You can apply each March and November for more trees, until your project is complete.

Apply for tree pack


KS1 and KS2 resources for your tree pack

Tree Tools for Schools

We have created some engaging activities to support your tree planting and inspire your pupils about trees and wildlife.

Tree Tools for Schools includes a planning tool to help you choose the right tree pack, planting and after-care advice, and interactive activities linked to the curriculum.

Get two points on the Green Tree Schools Award

When you plant your tree pack your school will earn two points on our Green Tree Schools Award. (You can continue to apply for trees each season, but you will only receive points for this activity once.)

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