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Tree planting

British trees to plant in your garden: 14 native tree ideas

by Helen Keating, Content Manager on 06 March 2019

British trees pack a big punch in your garden. Make space for one or two you’ll have year-round interest and be supporting wildlife too. Here's our top 14 native trees to plant in your garden.

Image of  a wicker basket of woodfuel next to a woodburner.

Collecting and removing firewood: is it legal?

by Rachel Hoskins, Content Editor on 22 January 2019

Ever wondered whether you can collect firewood from one of our woods? Find out how to source sustainable wood and why we chop down trees in our woods.

Network rail review holds promise for the environment

by Nick Atkinson, Senior Advisor on 30 November 2018

A review of Network Rail's lineside management has eased our earlier concerns. But we’ll be keeping a close eye on progress to make sure our precious environment is given the care and respect it deserves.

Fast growing trees for your garden

by Joe Bates, Content Editor on 04 October 2018

Trees bring so much to a garden. Choose the best fast growing tree for yours.

Hazel dormouse

What is habitat fragmentation and what does it mean for our wildlife?

by James Martin, Content Editor on 16 August 2018

Did you know that habitat fragmentation is one of the greatest threats to wildlife globally? Find out what it means and how it affects UK species like the dormouse.

What is a sustainable forest?

by Karen Hornigold, Assistant Conservation Adviser - Data & Information on 27 July 2018

Sustainable management is key if woodland is to meet the needs of both wildlife and people. Learn exactly what this means and why it's so important.

What is air pollution and what can I do to help?

by Mike Townsend, Principal Advisor on 18 May 2018

In the UK around 40,000 deaths a year are linked to air pollution. Trees in urban areas can improve air quality. You can help by getting involved in tree planting, and defending the trees we already have.

Agroforestry delivers for nature and farming

by Helen Chesshire, Senior Advisor on 10 April 2018

Agroforestry is about making the most of the land area through three dimensional farming. The deliberate integration of trees within agricultural crops and livestock is a win-win for food production and the natural environment.

Tree canopy cover results – how did your town do?

by Emma Briggs, Programme lead - urban on 26 March 2018

Have you ever wondered whether your town is leafier than your neighbours’? See the results of the tree canopy cover study and some top tips on how to help green your town.

Do I need permission to cut down a tree in my garden?

by Sally-Ann Smurthwaite, Assistant Campaigner - Policy & Advocacy on 06 March 2018

As much as we love trees, they can occasionally cause challenges, especially in our gardens and urban spaces. Find out about the rules around tree felling and the alternatives that can help address these challenges.

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