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Woodland Trust Blog

How to make a hedgehog house

by Charlotte Varela, Volunteer Content Writer on 19 August 2019

Give a hog a home by following our step-by-step guide.

What do foxes eat? And more facts about foxes

by Charlotte Varela, Volunteer Content Writer on 16 August 2019

Whether we live in the countryside or a bustling city, most of us have seen a fox. But how much do you know about one of our most iconic animals?

What Sheffield felling investigation means for the future

by Joseph Coles, Project Lead - Street Trees on 15 August 2019

After over 5,000 trees were felled across Sheffield, an investigation was carried out. The report heavily criticised the council and its contractor.

Man in jeans and a light jumper picking blackberries and collecting them in a basket

How to make bramble whisky: recipe for blackberry liqueur

by George Anderson, PR & Communications Officer - Scotland on 12 August 2019

Read our simple and easy recipe for this delicious foraged blackberry liqueur, or bramble whisky. You'll love this homemade tipple, it's sure to impress!

Hazelnuts: where and when to forage

by Laura Cottam, Volunteer Content Writer on 05 August 2019

Our tips on where and when to find hazelnuts in the wild, how to prepare these tasty treats, and the woodland animals that love eating them too.

Sunrise in woodland with grazing sheep

Dedicate in memory: remember a loved one with trees and woodland

by James Martin, Content Editor on 01 August 2019

Dedicating a tree or woodland provides a living, growing memorial to a loved one and a poignant way of remembering them. Dedications are available in Woodland Trust woods across the UK.

Campaigns update: threats from planes, trains and automobiles

by Naomi Tilley, Assistant Campaigner – Policy and Advocacy on 01 August 2019

In London, Harrogate, Oxford and Cambridge, we continue the fight to save ancient woods and trees from damage and destruction. Find out how you can help.

Raw rosehip syrup: how to make and use

by George Anderson, PR & Communications Officer - Scotland on 31 July 2019

Rosehips really became popular during World War II when fresh produce was scarce. Here are our tips for finding and cooking up these surprisingly tasty fruits.

9 outdoor activities for kids this summer

by Hannah Vickers, Content Editor on 30 July 2019

Looking for ways to keep the kids entertained this summer? Take a look at our favourite outdoor activities for kids.

How trees react to damage: burrs and bacterial ooze

by Emilie Bonnevay, Public Enquiries Officer on 29 July 2019

You can’t always see how trees react to damage, but two of their responses are particularly visible: burrs and bacterial tree ooze.