Are you searching for the perfect tree-themed name for your new arrival? Then you've come to the right place. Our curated list features 30 baby names that take inspiration from incredible trees and woods. Whether you're looking for a timeless classic, something fresh and unique, or a name that carries deeper meaning, we have plenty of tree names for boys and girls, plus versatile gender-neutral options.

Tree names for girls


Why not name your daughter after this beautiful tree that shimmers in the breeze? The Celts thought aspen's silver leaves quivered in communication with other worlds, which makes this ethereal name a magical choice.


An iconic sight in spring, Blossom is the perfect name for a spring baby. It represents new beginnings, renewal and growth. It also means ‘to flourish’ or ‘thrive’, hopes that any parent would wish for their child.


The popular cherry tree is a seasonal stunner. With delicate blossom and an abundance of fruit, it makes a sweet choice for a baby girl’s name.


This pretty name means 'elm' in Cornish. It's pronounced EL-oh-wen or e-LO-wen.


Throughout history, the hazel tree has been thought to have magical and healing properties. Ancient Celts also believed it represented wisdom and poetic inspiration.


The holly tree has been associated with midwinter festivities since ancient times, so it’s a fitting name for a girl born in December. Vibrant berries and glossy leaves provide an uplifting splash of colour during cold, dark months. Holly is also a symbol of eternal life.


Pronounced i-LA-nuh, this Hebrew name means 'tree'. It's often given to girls born around Tu BiShvat (or Tu B'Shevat), a Jewish festival celebrating trees that usually falls towards the end of January.


Ivy is a charming name which means 'faithfulness'. It is tradition to include a sprig of ivy in a bride’s wedding bouquet, symbolising fidelity and everlasting love.


This fresh-sounding name is a great choice for a daughter. The juniper tree provides valuable shelter for wildlife and it’s used in medicine, so it’s often associated with protection. Evergreen trees also symbolise life and vitality.


Maple trees are famous for their glorious autumn colour, so this is a vibrant choice for your child’s name. Look out for the yellow lobed leaves of the field maple, the UK's only native maple tree – they look like dazzling golden stars.


This delightful name comes from the Latin word silva meaning ‘wood’ or ‘forest’. You could opt for the French version, Sylvie, as a cute alternative.


If you’re looking for an elegant name for your daughter, Willow is ideal. Willow trees are graceful yet strong and they demonstrate incredible resilience – their flexible branches can bend under pressure without snapping.

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Tree names for boys


This name means ‘oak pasture or meadow’. It comes from Old English ‘āc’ meaning ‘oak’ and ‘lēah’ meaning ‘woodland clearing’. The mighty oak tree can live for 1,000 years and is a symbol of strength and endurance.


This unique name can be traced back to the Emerald Isle. It comes from an Irish village called Adare, meaning ‘ford at the oaks’.


This popular Scottish name originated in Normandy and is thought to mean ‘willow lands’.


An Irish surname that’s gaining traction as a modern first name, Cullen comes from ‘cuileann’ meaning ‘holly’.


This name derives from Dubhdarach, an Irish name that means 'black one of the oak tree'.


It's the name for a Scottish sea loch, but did you know that 'firth' is also Middle English for 'wood', 'woodland' and 'hunting ground'?


You can’t get more woodsy than Forrest! First recorded as a surname in the 13th century, it indicated someone lived or worked in a royal forest. Today, it’s gaining popularity as a first name and it’s perfect for future tree-huggers.


This name was traditionally given to someone who lived by a holly tree, so it’s a great alternative if you like Holly for a girl.


Another name for the lime tree, which is a symbol of liberty in France and Switzerland.


Derived from the Middle English phrase ‘atten ash’, meaning ‘at the ash tree’. The ash tree is considered a symbol of healing, magic and life. 


This name comes from the Latin silvanus, which means ‘of the forest’. The Roman god Silvanus was a protector of woods and the countryside, so it’s a fitting choice if you’d like your child to inherit a love of green spaces.


This name means ‘place of alder trees’ and it has Norman origins. The alder tree is a symbol of strength, while ver is also Latin for ‘spring’.


This charming boy's name means ‘farm by the willows’. It comes from Old English ‘wilig’ or 'welig' meaning ‘willow’ and Old Norse ‘bȳ’ meaning ‘farmstead village’.

Gender-neutral tree names


In Norse mythology, the sacred 'tree of life' was an immense ash that supported the universe. This versatile name has plenty of variations, including Ashley, Ashleigh, Ashby, Ashwyn or Ashton.


This bold name has Scottish roots. Traditionally a surname for people from the Lennox region surrounding Loch Lomond, it comes from the Gaelic ‘Leamhnachd’ meaning ‘place of elms’.


If you’re looking for a gender-neutral name with a strong tree connection, Oakley is a fantastic choice. Just like Ackley, it can be traced back to Old English and means 'oak meadow or pasture'.


Meaning ‘one who lives near a pear tree’. With delicate blossom and delicious fruit, this attractive tree has long been associated with longevity and immortality.


The rowan is another tree believed to have magical qualities. Throughout history, it was planted near houses and churches as protection against witches and spirits. Its display of scarlet berries makes Rowan the perfect choice for a baby born in late summer or early autumn.

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