Searching for fun family activities for half term? Look no further. We have plenty of ideas to help you and your kids enjoy time together outdoors, exploring our amazing natural world.

Love your woods

Discover our top tips to help you enjoy your visit while protecting precious wildlife.

1. Visit a wood

Woods are brilliant for family days out. It's exciting to explore new places and there are always lots of interesting things to discover. Plus, no two trips are the same.

We care for 1,000 woods across the UK which are free to visit and open all year round. Our handy wood finder will help you find local green spaces on your doorstep, as well as fascinating forests further afield.

Woodland walks

2. Plan a picnic

If you’re making a day of it, take a picnic with you – kids soon work up an appetite running around outdoors and we find that food tastes much better in the fresh air.

There's no need to wait until summer though. Our winter picnic ideas include hot chocolate, soup and stews, ideal for keeping the whole family warm on chilly strolls.

3. Build a woodland den

Den building has been enjoyed by generations of children and it's still a firm favourite today. Here’s how to get started:

  • Collect some long, straight sticks and prop them securely against a tree trunk in a fan shape. Don’t forget to leave an entrance hole so you can get in.
  • Weave thin, bendy sticks in and out of the uprights.
  • Cover your den with fallen leaves.
  • Climb inside to enjoy your picnic, play a game or pretend it's a house in the woods!

Tiny tots can get involved, too. Help them make a mini den using small sticks, just the right size for a teddy or doll.

Remember, woods are home to shy animals and fragile plants, so please be considerate with your den making. If you’re in an ancient woodland, leave den building to the badgers and foxes. Look out for on-site guidance if you're not sure.

4. Go birdwatching

Once you’ve built a den, you can use it as a wildlife hide – it will keep you out of sight while you look for birds and other animals. For the best chance of a magical encounter, try to keep nice and quiet so you don't scare off any creatures.

Our pocket-sized woodland bird ID book is ideal for identifying birds on the go. You can also use our bird pages to discover facts about the species you see.

5. Become tree ID experts

Whether you're heading to the woods, planning a trip to the park or hanging out in your back garden, you're more than likely to find a tree or two. Challenge your kids to become tree detectives and hunt for clues to learn their identities.

Our free Tree ID app will help. Download it to your phone and use it to identify trees by their twigs, leaves, bark and flowers. It features more than 70 species and has heaps of top tree facts. You'll be experts in no time!

6. Make a journey stick

Make a twiggy memento of your trip to the woods with this activity for kids of all ages.

Look for a good-sized stick and wrap some colourful wool around it. As you’re on your walk, keep your eyes peeled for interesting objects that will remind you of your journey – such as a colourful flower or a pretty leaf – and attach them to your stick. (Please don't pick wild plants and flowers. Look for petals or leaves that have fallen to the ground.)

When you get home, use your stick to tell the story of your walk as a family.

7. Make some art

Get inspired by the sights and sounds of your surroundings and create a piece of art. You could work individually, or join together to create a special family piece.

Take a small sketchbook on your adventures and encourage youngsters to draw the things that catch their eye – a quirky tree, a delicate flower or an awe-inspiring vista. It's a great way to develop observation skills, especially if the items are packed with tiny details. When you get home, bring sketches to life with colouring pencils or watercolours.

You can also use natural items to create a woodland sculpture. It's amazing what you can make with colourful fallen leaves or piles of pebbles – let your imagination run wild!

More nature crafts

Keep the fun going at home

For nature activities you can enjoy all year round, take a look at Woodland Trust family membership.

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It's a wonderful way to inspire young nature lovers, and every membership helps us plant trees and safeguard the UK’s trees and woods for future generations.

Family walking along a fallen tree in a summer woodland

Enjoy special moments together

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