Half term is the perfect time to get outdoors and exploring. So put down those screens and try out some of our fun ideas for all the family.

Explore a new wood

A school holiday is the perfect time to branch out and explore a woodland a bit further afield. Search for your local wood on our visit woods page, or check out some of our great woods for family days out.

Get inspired

Plan a picnic

If you’re making a day of it, you’ll need some nosh. There’s nothing like a run around in the woods to help you work up an appetite, and food tastes so much better out of doors.

Have a look at some of our recipes for inspiration.

Build a woodland den

Here’s how to get started:

  • Collect some long, straight sticks and prop them up against a tree trunk in a fan shape. Don’t forget to leave a large enough entrance to get in and out!
  • Find some thin, bendy sticks and weave them in an out of the uprights.
  • Cover your den with leaves and grass.
  • Remember that you should only use loose materials you’ve found on the ground to make your den.

Go bird-spotting

Now you’ve built a den, why not use it to spot some birds? This is ideal for older kids who can keep nice and quiet to not spook the birds. You could use our bird pages to help you identify the species you see, or even bring along one of our easy to use woodland bird swatch books.

Make a journey stick

This is a simple activity for kids of all ages to track your trip to the woods.

Look out for a good-sized stick and wrap some colourful wool around it. As you’re on your walk, get the kids keep an eye out for interesting objects that will remind you of your journey – a flower, a feather, a pretty leaf – and attach them to your stick. (Please don't pick wild flowers or plants, look for petals or leaves that have fallen to the ground.)

When you get home, use your stick to tell the story of your walk as a family.

Go to an event

We run fun family events across the country, why not have a look and see what’s on during half term near you?

From tree-planting to treasure trails, and discovery walks to story-telling, there’s something for everyone.

Become Tree ID experts

Head out to the woods, a park, or even your back garden and start identifying. You can start off with simple species like oak or holly with little kids, and you can use lots of different techniques with older kids.

Use our Tree ID app to use twigs, leaves, buds and bark to find out what tree you’re looking at.

Keep the fun going

There’s no better way to get kids excited about nature and the great outdoors, and spend more quality time together than with Woodland Trust family membership. Kids get seasonal post stuffed to the brim with ideas for crafts and activities, as well as cool facts about trees, woods and wildlife.

Family of four looking at Woodland Trust membership box

Inspire a love for the outdoors

Get exploring with the membership that protects woods and trees. All for just £5 a month.

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