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This Halloween, we’ve put together our most ghoulish games and hair-raising adventures to ensure you have a spine-tingling time. Read on… if you dare!

Halloween scavenger hunt

Woods are wonderful places for spooky exploration. Let your imagination run wild on your next woodland walk and keep your eyes peeled for…

  • A stick used to stir potions.
  • Silky strands from a spider's web.
  • A goblin's eyeball (a conker).
  • A leaf the colour of a pumpkin.
  • Slender twigs from a witch's broomstick.
  • A leaf shaped like a bat's silhouette.

Spooky nature hunt

Have you ever explored the woods as it’s getting dark? It feels shockingly different to daylight and all your senses are heightened. If your family’s up for the challenge, grab a torch and go on a nature hunt with a difference.

  • Can you spot twinkling stars, glowing animal eyes, or spooky shadows and silhouettes?
  • Can you feel wispy spider webs, a chilly breeze, or leaves brushing against you?
  • Can you hear hooting owls and cawing crows, twigs snapping under your feet, animals rustling in the undergrowth, or trees creaking in the wind?

Make sure that kids are in sight at all times and keep an eye out for trip hazards.

Visiting woods

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Magic wands and potions

We've got plenty of ideas for young witches and wizards. Have a go at whittling your own wand, or collect some sticks and make a twig broomstick - perfect for a quick game of Quiddich.

You can also whip up a woodland potion using special ingredients gathered from the forest floor, it's super simple:

  1. Take a beaker of water out on your adventure, add a splash of water and find a stick for stirring.
  2. Look out for brightly coloured leaves, fluffy feathers, glossy berries, scented pine needles, and other woodland treasures to add to your potion. (Don't pick wild plants - look for things that have fallen naturally to the ground.)
  3. Use your stick to stir everything up, then find a special spot to pour out your portion and make a wish.

Twig skeleton

Did you know there are 206 bones in the human body? Kids have even more because some of their bones haven’t fused yet.

To make your own chilling skeleton gather some natural materials and lay them out on the ground:

  • Make a skull from a large leaf and eye sockets from conkers.
  • Use leaves to make collarbones and a pelvis.
  • Twigs are perfect for legs, arms, a spine and a ribcage.
  • More twigs or catkins work for fingers and toes, while conkers are great for kneecaps and elbows.

Pumpkin lanterns and crafts

If you're making a jack o'lantern, why not get inspired by woodland wildlife? Cut the top off your pumpkin, scoop out the flesh, then carve a bat, spider web, owl or spooky tree into the skin. Pop an LED tealight inside and let it glow in the darkness.

Autumn leaves can be turned into pumpkins too. Gather some orange leaves and arrange them in a pumpkin shape on the ground. Use dark brown leaves to create glaring eyes and a grinning mouth.

And conkers make brilliant mini pumpkins. Simply paint them orange and draw funny faces on them.

Boy looking at snail

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