And the Investors in People  accreditation we’ve been awarded proves we are getting it right.

It's part of our commitment to good practice in leadership and people management at the Trust.

>>Heather Cook, project officer: Personally I feel as though I'm making a difference  -  it's why I wanted to work for a charity to start with: I feel as though I’m doing something of value. It's a drop in the ocean on the grand scheme of things, but it's what I can do and I think that it's really good to be able to be in an environment where I can benefit society in a small scale and be supported doing it.   

 Chatting to the new inductees was fabulous because two of them are in a role that I used to work in myself, so it was nice to be able to tell them a bit about it - and it was a fantastic team that I worked in. So nice to be able to chat to them, and I think also to just feel their enthusiasm as brand new starters and it's nice to be able to make them feel welcome and part of the team. 

>>Norman Starks, operations director: I really enjoy the fact that as individuals we can achieve a little bit, but as a team we can achieve so much more. It feels like at the Woodland Trust that we can achieve a lot - and all the things that we achieve we wouldn't achieve without our people. So the trees wouldn't go in the ground, the wood wouldn't be saved, the policies wouldn't be changed, if it wasn't for our people. And that's all our people - it's not just the people at the sharp end.   

Just as we have accreditation for the way we manage our woods, it's probably even more important we have accreditation for the way we care for our people. 

>>Simon Barber, marketing executive: I work in quite a big team - there's 14 of us in the office most days. We all get along really well which is really useful - it makes it nice to come to work in the morning. Everyone here is really friendly 

The Investors in People accreditation basically just shows that the Trust is thinking about developing people that are already employed with them and meets a minimum standard of how they go about doing that to make sure that people are gaining relevant qualifications and experience. It's really positive to see that the company is investing in its employees. It’s giving something back to the employees which is really good to see. 

>>Carol Honeybun-Kelly, strategic woodland project lead: The skills that I bring are a very small part of what we do, but actually being part of a team that starts to deliver lasting change and a change in attitudes - it is lovely to see an organisation where there is so much enthusiasm and a will to get things done and it doesn't matter if you're in Scotland, Wales or one of the English regions or even here. People want to see things done and people want to find the best way of doing it.  

Investors in People isn't mandatory, but it shows that an organisation is willing to have someone come and look at how they work, how they're set up and the procedures they have in place for their people. I think that for this organisation it was all about going: ‘actually we're quite proud of what we do and this work going in, it would be fantastic to have that accreditation’ and it gives people confidence when they're coming to work here too.

You’ll have the opportunity to get out and about in our woods. Every new member of the team learns what we do on dedicated woodland walks and we want every employee to plant a tree.

We recognise and value our people. You'll have full support, training and opportunities for professional development, along with a contributory pension, life assurance and excellent holiday entitlement. 

It’s not all hard work. We believe in creating an environment that allows our talented people to be their best. We value a good work/life balance, celebrate success and take employee wellbeing seriously.

Hear from the people behind our work