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Woodland creation

We have created thousands of hectares of new woodland across the UK on our own land, and work with others to help them create new woods or enrich their local landscapes with trees.

Our natural environment faces many threats and challenges. We need to create new spaces for wildlife if we are to help it cope with these. The UK has only 13% woodland cover, compared with an EU average of 37%. That's why we are creating areas of new native trees and woods.

We plant new trees and woodland close to existing wildlife-rich areas such as ancient woods or concentrations of ancient trees. This buffers them from the impacts of neighbouring land use and connects existing habitats. Find out more about where our trees come from.

There are many competing demands on our land. However, integrating trees and woodland into urban areas or farmland can bring great benefits such as urban cooling, shade and shelter, minimising run-off from fields, and reducing the impact of flooding. Street trees, trees in hedgerows, and small copses or shelter belts all contribute to creating more resilient landscapes.

Nature also makes us feel happy – a walk in a woodland to green space provides benefits for physical health and mental wellbeing, yet only 18% of people in the UK have a wood within easy walking distance of their homes. We create new woods near communities where people can enjoy them.