I'm Andrew Evans we're at Dol Llys Farm in Llanidloes. This farm here is mostly grass, it's grassland – we run about a thousand ewes and about 70 pedigree Hereford cattle and we've just introduced the pigs to root the ground up and hopefully have a bit more diverse things on the ground.

There's a balance between agriculture and conservation and I think we we've both got to learn to listen to each other and if you can get a rapport you'll work together and it's good.

You can't get nothing hardly done in two or three years, you're just scratching
the surface, and knowing we've got 10, 12 years, at least you know every year then
what you're going to do and you hopefully will see the benefits. We've planted 25 acres under the Glastir Woodland Creation [Scheme] with another seven acres this time and that's all native trees. And hopefully in another two or three hundred years they'll be like these the big ones we have now.

My motivation is just to have the farm looking as good as it can look through agriculture, but as good as it can as also for wildlife.

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