1.88 ha (4.65 acres)

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Explorer 21
OS Landranger 109

Whittaker Wood can be found in Greater Manchester about 4 miles east of Rochdale close to the town of Littleborough. This broadleaf woodland consists of oak with some sycamore and beech the woodland contains little under storey however some excellent patches of regeneration in the form of oak and beech can be found. The ground flora is predominantly grass due to a combination of previous grazing and a relatively sparse canopy. The wood is located on a relatively steep hillside; all the surrounding land is used for livestock grazing. The site was stock fenced in 1998 on three sides to help protect natural regeneration from stray livestock. A feeder stream which eventually joins the Rochdale canal runs adjacent with the public footpath through the site. Vehicular access both to and within the site is poor; this is due to the steep nature of the site vehicular access point are also very narrow due to developments which have occurred in the past (a cess pit) Whittaker Woods first key feature is informal public access. The woodland is close to Hollingworth Lake Country Park and two public rights of way pass through the site this path links into the surrounding countryside and path network. None of the paths within the wood are surfaced. The sites second key feature is that it is secondary woodland. Much of the surrounding countryside is rough grazing pasture for sheep therefore it adds value to the area both as a landscape feature and as a habitat.


  • Parking nearby
  • Public access
  • Broadleaved woodland


Whittaker Wood Management Plan

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