28.43 ha (70.25 acres)

Grid reference:

Upper Barn:SU484202 Crowdhill:SU485197

Map reference:

Explorer 132
OS Landranger 185

An ancient woodland site largely replanted in the 50s and 60s. Crowdhill Copse is a curved belt running southeast of a small stream valley. The larger Upper Barn Copse lies to the north and is popular with locals. The copses are home to 11 species of fern.


  • Parking nearby
  • Public access
  • Spring flowers
Early purple orchid with blurred background

A lasting legacy

This wood is just one of many to have been protected by gifts in wills, securing it for generations to come. Your legacy gift could also make a real difference to woods, trees and wildlife.

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Upper Barn & Crowdhill Copses Management Plan

PDF  (322 KB)