6.50 ha (16.06 acres)

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This Community Woodland, owned and managed by the community is a 13 acre / 5 hectare piece of land which is about 1.5 kilometre long i.e. long and narrow. It was left as 1 km of screened open space after construction of the A51 Tarvin south-western bypass in 1987 and sits between the road and existing housing (and the school, which has direct access via a gate). A bridleway runs along the 'road' boundary. Local people built a path and planted more than 500 native hardwood trees, mainly oak. It is now a very well used public amenity with a central footpath running through open woodland, meadow and wildflower areas. This is an amenity created and used by the community with full access for people with disability. It has won 8 consecutive Green Flag (Community) awards and 2 Awards for Special Innovation. See the website for more information.