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Round Wood is approximately two miles south of the village of Tingewick in north Buckinghamshire. It is just over 10.5 ha in size and designated as ancient woodland. The majority of the wood has been planted with conifers thus making it a Planted Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS). The most recent conifer planting took place in the 1970?s but there are likely to have been several waves of this dating back to when the Forestry Commission managed the woodland earlier in the 20th century. The wood is now is a period of restoration and conversion back to a semi-natural broadleaved woodland. The wood lies within the boundary of the Bernwood Forest which was formerly an ancient royal hunting forest in the middle ages. The Woodland Trust acquired it in 2002 via a donation from the previous owner. The tree mixture is quite diverse and the most common broadleaves are ash oak cherry silver birch and hazel. The main conifer tree planted at the site is Scots pine but there is also a stand of Norway spruce. The woodland flora contains primrose and bluebell and there are several ponds present. The wood is surrounded on all sides by a sinuous bank and ditch which is an archaeological feature. There is a circular path around most of the wood together with other cross paths. Round Wood is a quiet site with infrequent visitors and the paths can be waterlogged especially in the winter.


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Round Wood Management Plan

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