29.12 ha (71.96 acres)

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Explorer 168
OS Landranger 162

Penn Wood is part of a cluster of Woodland Trust owned woods in close proximity on the Cotswold Scarp. The Woodland Trusts 'Cotswolds Woods' (Penn Wood, Stanley Wood, Coaley Wood, Laycombe Wood) are made up of 4 individual woods totalling 138.22 Ha. 

The Cotswold Way, a National Trail, runs through various parts of these woods as part of the central Cotswolds region, and all woods are serviced by an extensive PROW and permissive path network. Cotswolds bat populations are a particularly significant species group and are important in a national context. The range of species includes pipistrelle, Daubenton's, Brandt's, noctule, brown long-eared, Natterer's, and whiskered, and barbastelle. Of particular significance are the breeding and hibernating populations of greater horseshoe lesser horseshoe bats.

The geology of woodlands across the Cotswolds scarps is diverse, with a variety of geological horizons from the top to bottom. Within Penn Wood are previously worked large scale quarries - now fenced; and sunken tracks and lanes all exposing these variations. Penn Wood has part of a Regionally Important Geological Site (RIGS) called Selsley Gully.


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  • Broadleaved woodland


Penn Wood Management Plan

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