340.70 ha (841.87 acres)

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Macclesfield forest is managed by United Utilies as a source of timber using a continuous cover policy. The forest was originally created as a Royal Forest by the Normans to provide an area to hunt deer, wild boar and wolves. It currently comprises about 24% broadleaved woodland which is hoped to be increased over the coming years. There is a visitor centre and car park just across the road from Trentabank Reservoir with a visitors centre and toilet facilities. At the Trentabank Reservoir is Cheshire's largest heronry with around 22 nests, there are various vantage points to see the heronry and the Trentabank rangers station offers CCTV of the nests.The forest supports over thirty species of fungi including fly agaric and honey fungus and the reservoirs support an abundant population of waterfowl. In the spring the woodland has many bluebells and spring flowers. There are several colour coded waymarked trails through the forest of different lengths and abilities.