6.66 ha (16.46 acres)

Grid reference:


This is a long, narrow park of mainly natural woodland, with a children's play area and football pitches and Bradshaw Brook running thorough it.  

An uneven-surfaced car park leads to flat well maintained park entrance with clear signage and trails. Three inter-connecting, even tarmac paths, suitable for wheelchair users, flower beds and wooden picnic tables sit near the main entrance. 

Past the disused pavilion is a popular children's play area, refurbished in 2019, with benches and picnic tables.  

The park forks into two. The RHS path leads to a tributary stream of Bradshaw Brook and 200m further over Daubenton’s bridge to Bolton’s arboretum. The straight ahead (left fork) path is tarmac downhill but leads to muddy sections and contours past football pitches, Bradshaw Brook and broadleaved woodland to circle open fields on the left and back to the carpark. There are no toilets or drinks facilities, there are benches and bins throughout.