3.44 ha (8.50 acres)

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Explorer 129
OS Landranger 194

Public access is available directly from the public road (Primrose Hill) adjoining the site. A public footpath from the direction of the adjoining village of East Coker enters the public road opposite this site thus connecting it into the surrounding public footpath network. A figure-of-eight path runs through the site. This is unsurfaced and grass-topped. The entire site is on a gentle slope. A large kissing gate provides access at the main entrance which will allow pushchairs and small wheelchairs through. The other entrance is reached across three steps and by crossing a narrow bridge. The wood has parking for up to four cars in the gateway from Primrose Hill.


  • Parking at site
  • Public access
  • Broadleaved woodland


Hatherstone Wood Management Plan

PDF  (117 KB)