8.79 ha (21.72 acres)

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Explorer 276

OS Landranger 108

This broadleaf woodland�located about�4 miles�to the east of Runcorn�is in an intensively urban setting but the woodland itself is�a quiet�tranquil place to visit and wander amongst mature�trees including several which�were planted by the Brooke estate who used to own the land.�There is�a mostly flat�footpath through the wood�from the small car park on Manor Park Road. In the south western corner of the site the path passes a pond�and there�are�herons nesting�on site.� The site�is adjacent to Lodge Plantation (also owned by the WT) and�Oxmoor Local Nature Reserve (owned by Halton BC).


  • Parking at site
  • Public access
  • Broadleaved woodland
Green Wood - Management plan


Green Wood Management Plan

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