4.67 ha (11.54 acres)

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Explorer 20
OS Landranger 202

Great Hill Wood lies 500m to the south of the village of Chillington in the South Hams area of Devon. It was planted in December 1998/9 with native broadleaved trees as part of the Woodland Trust's Woods on Your Doorstep Project on a grass field that rises to a small but prominent hill. The area is a mixed landscape with the hill central to the site lying in a shallow valley surrounded by arable and pastureland. A number of other woodland creation projects on private land also exist in the area. Species rich hedges surround the site dividing it from the adjacent fields. The woodland has a network of rides throughout and an open glade which provides a viewpoint near the hill top and is an important feature of the design developed with the community. The main Millennium feature selected by the community was an orchard of local varieties of fruit tree which is situated in the north west of the site nearest to the village and has been used for community apple pressing events. Additionally a small clump of pine was planted on top of the hill and a number of simple wooden benches installed along the main path leading to the viewpoint. The site is well used by the local community and the paths are heavily used. There are many links into the local rights of way network from the site entrances.' The closest parking is on the roadside in the housing estate around 200m from the wood.


  • Public access
  • Grassland
  • Broadleaved woodland


Great Hill Wood Management Plan

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