0.51 ha (1.26 acres)

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Explorer 268
OS Landranger 109

This wood is a small, narrow, linear strip of woodland in a rural setting. It contains a mix of mature broadleaved trees and several tall mature Corsican pines.

Interesting woodland floor wild flowers include bluebells, wild garlic, dogs mercury and celandine. There are also two ponds located near the middle of the wood.

There are no footpaths in the wood due to dense undergrowth, ditches and wet areas making the ground unsuitable for walking, but it can be easily viewed from the roadside.


  • Public access
  • Broadleaved woodland
Early purple orchid with blurred background

A lasting legacy

This wood is just one of many to have been protected by gifts in wills, securing it for generations to come. Your legacy gift could also make a real difference to woods, trees and wildlife.

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Gaddum's Wood Management Plan

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