7.48 ha (18.48 acres)

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Explorer 147
OS Landranger 188

NOTICE: Ash dieback is a serious fungal disease that is killing ash trees across Europe. Friezland Wood is dominated by ash trees, many of which unfortunately are now suffering from ash dieback. Where possible we are minimising the number of trees we have to fell for safety reasons, so we can allow trees to decline naturally and continue to provide habitat for a range of wildlife. However, for visitor safety we have closed a number of paths in the wood. Please look out for safety notices on site.

Small but packed with interest. There are unusual Ardingly Sandstone rock formations on its western side. Look out for the remains of a hill fort dating back to 150 ? 50 BC near the southwest boundary.


  • Public access
  • Spring flowers
  • Broadleaved woodland


Friezland Wood Management Plan

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