22.66 ha (55.99 acres)

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Explorer 141
OS Landranger 172

Dolebury Warren is a mixed broadleaved and coniferous plantation woodland. It lies on the north scarp of the Mendip Hills within the Mendip Hills AONB. It is part of continuous woodland stretching for many miles along the slope with ash, oak, small-leaved lime, hazel and areas of conifer and beech plantation. The wood was formerly part of the estate at Mendip Lodge and some historical features remain including a raised platform surrounded by a stone wall known as The Lookout with many dry-stone walls found throughout the wood and surrounding area. Parts of the site have extensive views across North Somerset and beyond. The wood is well used by walkers and visitors to the Mendip Hills and to the Dolebury Warren Iron Age hillfort to the south.


  • Parking nearby
  • Public access
  • Autumn colour
  • Spring flowers

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Dolebury Warren Management Plan

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