31.10 ha (76.85 acres)

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Delph Wood is a mixed woodland of 24 acres acquired by Poole Corporation in 1940. The word 'Delph' is derived from an Old English word for mining and quarrying and it was probably one of the places from which local people extracted gravel for building purposes. The pond, now a drinking place for woodland animals including foxes and Roe deer, is probably a remnant of a gravel pit. There is a 1' mile woodland trail through the wood, which is marked by yellow topped posts leading from the car park. Look out for the highly coloured and very noisy Nuthatches and Great Spotted Woodpeckers - and you can't miss the magnificent 200 year old common Oak standing 80 feet high with a circumference of just over 13 feet, the foliage in the summer is so dense that nothing grows under it.