1.27 ha (3.14 acres)

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Explorer 276
OS Landranger 109

Cinnamon Brow is two small woodlands approximately 200 metres apart in the Cinnamon Brow area of Warrington. Both woods have a range of broadleaf tree species including oak ash beech field maple alder willow and horse chestnut and there are several veteran oaks and ash which are remnants from when these were old farm woodlands before the area was developed. There is a good understorey of hazel hawthorn elder holly and the ground flora includes bluebells lesser celandine daffodil and a small wet area with flag irises. Both woods have surfaced permissive footpaths for public access.


  • Public access
  • Broadleaved woodland


Cinnamon Brow Management Plan

PDF  (122 KB)