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Butcher's Wood lies in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Ancient oak woodland is complimented by hazel, bluebells and other flora. A good network of paths gives easy access although the site is prone to seasonal water-logging.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Action for ash in 2021

Ash dieback is a serious fungal disease that is killing ash trees across Europe. Young trees can die quickly once infected. Older trees can be slowly killed by a yearly cycle of infection.

We have been steadily removing the worst affected trees in the wood since 2018 but now the disease has taken hold here so we are taking action for the safety of our visitors and neighbours by removing all ash trees with significant decline next to footpaths and properties.

Although the work may look drastic, please be assured that it has been carefully planned with consent from the Forestry Commission and in line with the Woodland Trust's ash dieback position statement.

We are only removing ash trees where absolutely necessary. Ash trees out of falling distance of footpaths and properties and those showing the most significant signs of resistance to the disease are being retained and monitored.

The works start in September and are taking place outside of bird nesting season. We will aim to avoid the wettest periods to minimise the impact on the soil and ground flora where possible. Timber will be extracted and branches cut up to avoid smothering the woodland floor.

The majority of the wood’s trees, including oak, hornbeam, hazel, wild cherry, hawthorn and silver birch are unaffected by the disease and will maintain habitats for wildlife while their saplings gradually fill the gaps where ash used to be.

Thank you for your support and understanding. We hope this reassures you that our management decisions are centred on the best, long-term interests of trees and woods, and the people and wildlife that depend upon and benefit from them.

The wood will remain open throughout the duration of the works but some footpaths will be closed or diverted with signs and barriers to maintain safety while the works are taking place. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


  • Public access
  • Spring flowers
  • Broadleaved woodland


Butcher's Wood Management Plan

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