61.53 ha (152.04 acres)

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Explorer 144
OS Landranger 186

This is a very interesting and important site as it is one of only a few lowland woodland pastures that are maintained by the traditional method of grazing by commoners' stock.

This practise has resulted in a wonderful mosaic of woodland and grassland. A fantastic range of fungi and lichens cling to the ancient trees and dead wood and there are many woodland flowers. If you want to see how the medieval landscape might have looked, this is the place to visit.

The Woodland Trust is working with the Selborne Landscape Partnership at Binswood, which along with local organisations and farmers aims to manage the countryside to benefit nature and wildlife.


  • Public access
  • Grassland
  • Broadleaved woodland
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A lasting legacy

This wood is just one of many to have been protected by gifts in wills, securing it for generations to come. Your legacy gift could also make a real difference to woods, trees and wildlife.

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Binswood Management Plan

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