29.85 ha (73.76 acres)

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Britain's greatest concentration of woodlands dominated by small leaved lime occurs in the woodlands around Bardney in Lincolnshire, more than half of which make up Bardney Limewoods National Nature Reserve covering 9 separate woodlands. These sites have been high forest or managed as coppice since at least the 11th century. They overlie a variety of soil types, giving rise to varied ground flora and different tree and shrub communities.

Please note the grid reference given on this web page refers to the centre of Cocklode Wood, and Google Maps will give misleading directions to this point. Do not attempt to access Cocklode Wood via Shortwood Lane. Access to Cocklode Wood is on foot via a track through Great West Wood, entrance at TF 11440 76329, on the road between Apley and Goltho.