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Our trees are under unprecedented threat from both new and established pests and diseases.

Observatree is a tree health early warning system.

Harnessing the power of citizen science is critical to the project’s overall success. This is being achieved in two ways.

Firstly, the project aims to encourage tree health professionals and people actively involved with trees to look out for and report any tree pest or disease sightings at the earliest opportunity. In doing this, the chances of eliminating or controlling future outbreaks can be maximised.

Secondly, the project has established a core network of over 200 trained Observatree volunteers. Their role is to support Government tree health officers and scientists by undertaking a range of survey work and assisting with the processing and verifying of tree health reports received.

Observatree is:

To find out more and download free toolkits to help you, visit our tree disease campaign.

Visit the Observatree website to find out more or sign up for future updates.

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