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Take a walk

Woodland walks are a great way to get out and about during the autumn. Stroll along wooded paths, smell the ripening fruits and admire the beauty of the leaves as they change colour. 

Want to head on a woodland walk this autumn? 

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Go foraging

Autumn is one of the best times to head out foraging. The woods are filled with a feast of delights to forage, from hazelnuts to blackberries, sweet chestnuts to crab apples. Check out our guide to foraging.

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Search for fairytale fungi

Weird and wonderful fungi is very much part of the woodland furniture at this time of year. Look out for the bright red caps of fly agaric, the aptly-named dead man’s fingers and the glow-in-the-dark honey fungus. Just remember lots of them will be poisonous, so look but don’t touch. 

Learn about fungi.

Record your findings 

Recording your seasonal sightings with Nature’s Calendar will help scientists observe how the changing climate is affecting the UK’s wildlife. Can you take a note of the first signs of autumn, from ripe berries to leaves changing colour?

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Watch for wildlife

This time of year is perfect for observing wildlife. Watch the arrival of migrant birds, see the spectacle of deer rutting, admire the intricate spider webs as they appear and look out for foraging squirrels in search of nuts.

Explore our guides to identify wildlife you see.

Head to an event

Celebrate the season with us at one of our events. Light up at a lantern-making workshop, discover magical mushrooms on a fungal foray, pull on your wellies for a woodland wander or get crafty with crispy leaves. 

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Have fun as a family

Autumn is an enchanting time to be out in the woods so get out and get muddy together. Check out our blogs for lots of exciting ideas to tempt kids – and grown-ups – from bat spotting to twilight treks.

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