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Top ten tips for walkers

Make the most of your woodland walk.

Our top 10 tips for walking in woods

  1. Make sure you take walking boots or wellies, even in the summer the woodland floor can be muddy and damp
  2. Pack a rain mac... just in case!
  3. Check access restrictions before you leave. Lots of woods have waymarked paths and routes you can follow, be sure to stay on the paths to avoid damaging important wildlife habitats. Also, some woods might be privately owned, make sure there is public access before you set off
  4. Take a bottle of water and some snacks to keep you going, but remember to pick up after yourself and don't leave litter in the woods
  5. If you’re planning a long walk take a map and a compass and don’t rely on 4G on your mobile phone – lots of woods are out of signal range
  6. Pack a basic first aid kit with plasters for blisters, anti-histamine and sun cream
  7. If you have to go through a field of cattle, remember; don’t panic and don’t run, but walk calmly and quietly through the field staying away from the herd. Close all gates behind you
  8. If you spot a horse on a bridleway, remember not to get too close to the animal. Don’t shout or run in case you startle the horse
  9. If your walk takes you onto a road with no pavement, and you’re in a small group, keep to the right hand side of the road so you can see the oncoming traffic. Make sure you stay in single file and keep close to the side of the road. If the road has a sharp right hand bend, you might find it safer to cross to the left hand side
  10. When you're walking at night wear reflective clothing and take a torch