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Photography tips for kids

It doesn’t matter what sort of camera you have – a digital camera, a disposable or a mobile phone, you can still take some fabulous photos, especially if you follow our advice.

Keep your camera handy at all times

You never know when you’ll come across a fabulous photo opportunity so keep your camera with you everywhere you go and be ready to ‘snap’ into action.

Look behind you

Sometimes it’s easy to concentrate on the path in front of you rather than all of the amazing sights and activity up, around and below you so make sure you are taking in your surroundings.

Be snap happy

If you like a scene, why take just one photo of it? Experiment with close-ups, different angles or the composition of the shot and then choose which one (or more!) you like best.

Have fun

Take photos of what interests you – things that catch your eye, make you giggle or surprise you – but most importantly, have fun exploring.

Don’t worry about the rules

Tips and advice on taking better photos can be really helpful but sometimes it works best when you just follow your instinct and forget the rules.

Good luck!