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A sense of perspective

Creative composition is an easy way of improving your photographs without the need for expensive equipment.

Often a centrally-placed subject doesn’t work, so many photographers use the rule of thirds to create a more pleasing image. Imagine your image has two vertical lines and two horizontal forming a grid. Place your action where the lines intersect or along a horizontal.

When looking for good compositions think about viewpoints too. Standing or crouching, angle the camera up or down to see how different the image looks. Flowers and trees seen from below look fabulous with details and colours illuminated by the light.

Back and forth

Paintings achieve depth by having a foreground, midground and background and photographs should be framed in a similar way.

Try including different foregrounds to anchor the scene, a frame with the frame technique or change your viewpoint completely.

Life through a lens

A wide angled lens is useful for landscape photos and getting lots of the image in focus. Zoom lenses are great for getting close up shots of wildlife while blurring the background.

The more you zoom in the flatter the perspective is with the background appearing closer.

In focus

With a manual camera zoom in and focus on the object, then pull out and reframe if necessary. This will keep your focus pin-sharp, but allows you more freedom in the composition.

Many digital cameras automatically focus on prominent features on the screen when you half press the shutter. To take advantage of this, allow the camera to pinpoint the object you’d like to focus on, half press the shutter then reposition the frame to show the composition you like and take the photo. A great tip if you want the tree in the bottom right of the frame but your camera will only focus on it if it’s in the centre of the shot.