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Brackfield Wood, Northern Ireland

Brackfield Wood, our First World War Centenary Wood, stretches alongside the River Faughan, just outside Derry/Londonderry. It nestles between our existing woods: Oaks Wood to the north and Killaloo Wood, an enchanting and ancient bluebell woodland, to the south.

But Brackfield Wood is disconnected from the neighbouring sites, and we have been given the opportunity to acquire additional land which will allow us to create a continuous wooded landscape across the valley.

Ox-eye daisies with scatterings of poppy and Yorkshire fog at Brackfield Wood (Photo: M Cooper/WTML)

This land is divided into three separate pockets on either side of the river, and acquiring all three will close the gap and increase the size of our landholding in the Faughan Valley to 64 hectares.

We will plant 40,000 trees at Brackfield Wood, paying tribute to those who lost their lives across the island of Ireland during the First World War. Some 22,000 trees have been planted already with the help of the local community. An information hub will welcome visitors to the site and a special memorial area will provide a poignant place for reflection and remembrance, overlooking the River Faughan amongst carpets of wildflowers.

The new planting will bolster nearby woods, helping the valley’s precious wildlife to thrive, providing a home for kingfishers, dippers, red squirrel and otters.

Brackfield Wood, still in its infancy, is already worthy of a closer look. And take time to explore its enchanting neighbour, Killaloo Wood. With its carpets of bluebells, this centuries-old wood is waiting to impress.

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We can't do this without your help. With Brackfield Wood at the core, this ambitious landscape project will cost £1.5 million.

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