Woods and trees matter. To you, to us, to our children and grandchildren, to the environment and, of course, to the wildlife that depends on them for survival.

By joining the Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, you’ll be helping protect native woodland and create new woods throughout the UK.

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The loss of ancient woodland and hedgerows has had a serious impact on many of our woodland species including Bechstein’s bats and purple emperor butterflies. Hazel dormouse numbers have declined by a third since 2000. Ancient woodland covers a mere 2% of the UK so homes for these cute and increasingly rare rodents are scarce. We cannot replace ancient woodland that has been lost but, by becoming a member of the Woodland Trust, you can help us protect what is left.

Your membership will also help us plant trees which can grow into flourishing new woods in as little as 12 years. Since 1972 we have planted more than 43 million trees across the UK. These amazing new wildlife havens are already providing food and shelter for red squirrels, pine martens, beautiful jays and thousands more of our woodland favourites.

Join the Woodland Trust and help us care for and restore damaged woodland so we can help wildlife and native plants to thrive once again.

We own and look after more than 1,000 woods across the UK and we keep them open and free for everyone to enjoy.

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