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What we did in 2015 - with your help

We rallied an army

Welcoming 600 new recruits in 2015, the Trust’s marvellous band of volunteers is bigger than ever. They donated more than 260,000 hours of their time, saving around £2.2 million. Heartfelt thanks to all of them.

We hit the million

November saw the millionth tree planted in our Centenary Woods initiative, which is creating a living legacy for all who served in the First World War. Thanks to your donations and lead partner Sainsbury’s, we’ve raised £10.75m for the project so far.

We diverted the train

The Trust’s campaigning helped save bluebell-rich Mantle’s Wood, in the Chilterns, from being bulldozed for the HS2 rail line. More than nine hectares of irreplaceable ancient woodland were reprieved, after thousands of you backed our call for extra tunnelling there.

We invested in science

The Trust’s first ever dedicated research budget is investing £175,000 into a wide range of conservation-based studies across the UK. The first tranche includes a £10,000 grant to aid the reintroduction of pine martens in Wales.

We mapped every tree

Our analysis of the new National Tree Map meant we could plot the full tree canopy of England and Wales for the first time. The findings will inform all our future project work, ensuring that we ‘plant smart’ and enrich wide tracts of town and countryside.

We turned back the clock

Our plan to revive ancient woodland felled for commercial plantations went into overdrive, as gradual clearing of conifers began at 2,585 hectares of ancient woods – 29% above our 2015 target. We spent a total of £9.4 million restoring woodland last year, and native flora and fauna will reap the benefits for decades to come.

We planted a seed

We piloted our Schools into Woods project, encouraging 400 primary-age pupils out into their local woods to learn. Meanwhile our tree pack funders, including Yorkshire Tea, helped us send more than 1,000 free tree packs to schools, so that even more kids can experience the magic of planting a tree.

We went home-grown

For the first time, in 2015 every tree the Trust planted was guaranteed to come from UK-grown seeds and stock – a vital step forward in our ongoing fight against ash dieback and other diseases. In all, we helped plant 2.2 million trees last year, including the 800,000 that went to schools and community groups to green their local neighbourhoods.

Accountability and transparency

The Woodland Trust is regulated by the Charity Commission and is a registered charity number 294344 in England and Wales and by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, registered charity number SC038885 in Scotland.

Our annual accounts are published on the Charity Commission website and Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

Download a copy of our annual reviews or request a copy of from us free of charge by writing to The Woodland Trust, Kempton Way, Grantham, NG31 6LL.

Our supporter promise

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