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How we spend your money

We spent 80p in every pound on our charitable objectives.

Together we raised £44.6 million in 2018 and we worked harder than ever for woods and wildlife. Nothing we achieved could have happened without you - thank you for the generous support you give to us.

How we spent your money in 2018

£10.1m – Protecting native woods

Our work protecting native woods scored major successes last year. Our campaigns team fought for 100% of the ancient woods in peril that came to our notice, more than 200 cases, while 30,000 supporters joined our fight against the devastation threatened by HS2.

£15.1m – Restoring ancient woodland and other wildlife-rich habitats

In all we lined up 3,334 hectares of the UK’s precious ancient woods for restoration in 2018, many of them degraded by non-native conifer plantations.

£15.1m – Creating woods and places rich in trees

That’s more than 1,700 hectares of new woods (up from 1,345ha in 2017), and 3.3 million saplings. It includes £1.4 million we spent buying land for planting.

£9.6m – Cost of generating funds for future ambitions

This is what the Trust invested in generating funds last year, and every £1 of that raised £3.91 in return. Of every £1 in income we accrued, we spent 80p on our direct charitable objectives – 5p above our target.

Total expenditure: £49.9m

We purposely spent £5.3 million more than our income in 2018, dipping into financial reserves to advance our work. Our amazing volunteers contributed 275,000 hours, worth around £2.3 million. Thank you to every one of them.

Accountability and transparency

The Woodland Trust is regulated by the Charity Commission and is a registered charity number 294344 in England and Wales and by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, registered charity number SC038885 in Scotland.

Our audited annual report and accounts are published on the Charity Commission website and Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

View our annual reviews and annual report and accounts.