Tree planting at Captain Tom's Memorial Woodland, 22nd march 2022.

Lovely day for it, Lucy.

Steve, I couldn't have wished for a better day than this. You know, after a whole year of working with you and the Woodland Trust it's been a really amazing experience. And how your team has managed to find this piece of ancient woodland so close to where my father used to live has warmed my heart and made me so excited. Four and a half thousand trees and bushes and 101 large trees to celebrate my father's years on this planet - I couldn't be more proud.

It was fascinating from a man of a hundred years old to remember so much about his hometown and to love his hometown so much. So this is just a fantastic legacy.

Four and a half thousand trees and hedgerows are going to be planted hopefully by us today.

It couldn't have been more appropriate
for who you met - Captain Tom, who love nature. I am so excited and from the bottom of my heart thank you to everybody and thank you to the Woodland Trust.

So ladies and gentlemen without further ado - three, two, one - there we go! Tomorrow will be a good day. Now
we all know where we first heard that don't we.

What was your first thoughts when
you got the brief?

Well I thought it was a fantastic way to remember such a wonderful man. For
what he did.

Well congratulations, thank you so much. My father would have been dead proud and if he had been here he would have had a long chat with you.

What's it been like for you today to be planting these trees together?

Yeah it's been a be a nice day out to be
honest. It's been good for them to actually get some interaction with the public.

What a legacy to think that my father if he was watching he would be tipping his cap to you guys so thank you so much for coming.

Whatever you leave behind will always stay and it will be carried forward into the other side with you.

Oh that's so wonderful.

And that is from the holy Quran.

Wow. And I'm thinking about hundreds of years time that legacy will still live there. Thank you.

Well we all need hope right now and this is a great opportunity to focus our attention on something that gives us joy and hope for the future.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Captain Sir Tom Moore raised over £38 million for the NHS. And thanks to his daughter Lucy, his family have honoured his love of nature and the natural world by planting trees in his memory.

Captain Sir Tom Moore voiced his concern about what the future holds for his grandchildren. By planting new trees, his legacy will help combat climate change - and bring so many other benefits - around the world.

His daughter, Lucy Teixeira, chose to plant trees in the UK with the Woodland Trust. Creating new woodland is at the heart of what we do and one of the best ways to tackle the climate crisis. We've planted 50 million trees since we began in 1972, and have plans for 50 million more over the next five years.

Captain Tom's Memorial Wood

Holme House Wood, Keighley has been extended and renamed Captain Tom's Memorial Wood in his honour. The wood froths along a valley just a mile west of Keighley, where Captain Sir Tom grew up. It’s already flitting with kingfishers and bright with bluebells, and by adding more than 3,000 saplings to the streamside meadows it now links together two remnants of precious ancient woodland.

See our work for yourself with our artist's impression of the woodland.

There's still time to give

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who helped raise enough money to fulfil the family's wish to plant a memorial woodland in Yorkshire in honour of Captain Sir Tom Moore. Any further donations will go towards other tree planting initiatives across Yorkshire.  


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