Types of gifts in wills

Most charitable gifts in wills are tax free, and you may be able to reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable. Your professional adviser will be able to help you and there is more information in our frequently asked questions.

There are several ways to leave a gift in your will. You could leave:

  • a share of your estate once other gifts and payments have been made.
  • a fixed sum, the value of which may decrease over time as the cost of living increases.

You could also name a particular item in your will; for example, a piece of jewellery or perhaps you might want to leave some land or an area of woodland.

Leaving land or woodland to us

Many people kindly think of the Woodland Trust when they are planning the future of their own wood or land, and we are very grateful to be considered in this way. However, as we hope you will appreciate, certain factors must be taken into account before we are able to accept a gift of this nature.

Each potential gift must be considered very carefully to ensure that your wishes are fully taken into account and that we have the resources necessary to offer the wood, or land the attention it deserves.

As a charity, the Woodland Trust has limited resources and a responsibility to direct them in the most effective way. Our policy is to conserve substantial areas of ancient woodland and acquire land for tree planting to create networks of valuable wildlife habitat across the UK.

If you are considering this generous gesture, please do get in touch using the details below. We’d be very happy to discuss all the options with you.

Get in touch

Our friendly team is on hand to talk things through and help you make the choice that works for you. If you have any questions or simply wish to chat in confidence about leaving a gift in your will, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you’ve already remembered the Woodland Trust in your will or are thinking about doing so, we’d also love to hear from you. We’d like to show you our appreciation and ensure you receive information that’s relevant to you.

Call: 0330 333 3300

Email: giftsinwills@woodlandtrust.org.uk

Or write to:
Gifts in Wills team
The Woodland Trust
Kempton Way
NG31 6LL

If you are interested in a particular region, do please let us know and we will ensure you are contacted by the relevant regionally based gifts in wills officer.

Making changes to your will