Wildlife and woodland now has more room to breathe

It was a race against time, but we were able to raise the £465,000 needed to buy a piece of farmland neighbouring our land at Tring Park.

This means that nearby ancient woodland will be buffered and protected. Wildlife will be able to move safely between the habitats we protect and the wider countryside. And people will have better access to the park without having to navigate the off-putting footbridge over the A41. 

Credit: Tony Cox / WTML

More space for wildlife

Common spotted orchid, autumn gentian, milkwort and large thyme - just some of the chalk-loving plants that will have more room to thrive. Butterflies such as marbled white and grizzled skipper will benefit too.

Credit: Lewis Flanders / WTML

More to explore

The new land has allowed us to solve some tricky access issues, opening up more space for visitors to roam. Ancient woodland, open parkland and grassland aflutter with butterflies is all waiting to be discovered. 

Visit for yourself

The future of Tring Park

Our work doesn't stop here. We will continue to:

  • protect the rare and valuable habitats of Tring Park, and the wildlife they support
  • keep the park open and welcoming for visitors.

You make our work possible

We can't do any of this without you. We have thousands more woods like Tring, all over the UK, which we work tirelessly to care for and restore. 

Your donation will help us keep woods open for people to enjoy and wildlife to thrive in, whatever you can give.