Targeting Tree Disease packs sent out last season alone

Our subsidised tree packs help landowners hit by tree disease to replant their land with species resilient for the future.


Tree nurseries qualified for our UK and Ireland Sourced and Grown Assured status

Some of the largest tree producers in the UK are now promoting British-grown plants, reducing the reliance on overseas imports.


Trained volunteers recording and monitoring for Observatree

We support a UK-wide network of volunteers on the front line of disease reporting, ensuring alerts for new threats come in quickly.

We're taking a three-pronged approach to tackling the devastation wrought by tree pests and diseases.

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Biosecurity has to improve to stop diseases like ash dieback entering the UK in the first place. Our UK and Ireland Sourced and Grown Assurance Scheme allows nurseries to document the provenance of saplings, reducing the need to import stock from overseas.

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The Observatree project raises awareness of tree pests and diseases, providing tools to help recognise them and report them to the right place. That way the emergence and spread can be halted early.

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We're creating new habitats for wildlife and increasing the resilience of our woods. By investing in new hedgerows and dedicated Targeting Tree Disease packs, we're replacing ash lost nationwide.

Donate to the fund

You can help us fight back against tree disease by supporting our fund.

Whatever you choose to give, donating online is secure, quick and cost effective, so more money goes directly to increasing the resilience of our woods.