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The wood is one of only four places in north east England where greater tussock-sedge grows.

More ancient woodland is now in our care

We already owned a large part of Hedley Hall, but now, thanks to your help and that of other generous funders, its remaining 12 acres of precious ancient woodland, along with 47 acres of neighbouring farmland, is now in Woodland Trust care.

Credit: Peter Preece / WTML

Brimming with wildlife

At the foot of the valley, called Ridley Gill, is a fast-flowing stream, surrounded by banks of wild garlic, wood sorrel and bluebells. Woodpeckers hammer on trunks, tawny owls take cover in the trees and kestrels can be spied overhead.

Credit: Jo Harrop

Full of precious habitats

This spectacular Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in Tyne and Wear is also known for its rare greater tussock-sedge and unusual wet flushes. It’s a little piece of paradise, just fifteen minutes’ drive from Newcastle.

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A Woodland Trust Wood

Hedley Hall


93.61 ha (231.31 acres)

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The future of Hedley Hall

We're now working to protect and enhance the new areas in our care. Our plans include:

  • planting more trees to buffer and protect the ancient woodland
  • improving paths to make it more accessible for visitors
  • clearing shotgun pellets and grain tubs from shooting activities
  • removing invasive rhododendron and Himalayan balsam
  • adding signage and interpretation to help people explore.

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