When your school reaches the gold level on the Green Tree Schools Award you automatically unlock two bonus projects. These activities provide engaging opportunities for outdoor learning and will help you work towards your platinum award.

The platinum projects are worth five points each. You can do them in any order but we suggest you complete them at different times of the year to allow your pupils to explore the changing seasons.

You can chart your progress using the platinum projects checklist in your online account. When you’ve collected 30 points and have completed both of these challenges you will receive your platinum award. You can download new certificates for your pupils and we will upgrade your school plaque to showcase your achievement.

Credit: XiXinXing / iStock.com

A woodland perspective

This project helps pupils explore the world from different viewpoints. There are three parts – a pre-visit exercise, a woodland visit, and a post-visit activity.

In the wood, use your viewfinder (template available in the resource below) to look at the environment from different perspectives. This might be lying on your tummy to get a bug’s eye view, or climbing up high to see how a bird sees the world.

Back in the classroom it’s time to celebrate the different views they’ve found with some imaginative artwork in a variety of media.

Credit: iStock.com / t3000

Wild trails

This project encourages pupils to create and map personal trails around a local wood, with a focus on the animals and plants that live there. Back in the classroom they can work together to create a class trail to share with the rest of the school.

Get 10 points on the Green Tree Schools Award

Each platinum project is worth five points. When you have completed each activity send us evidence of your work, eg. photos, audio, video etc.

Email it to learning@woodlandtrust.org.uk with the subject line 'Platinum woodland perspective' or 'Platinum wild trails'.

We’ll give you five points for each project after we receive your evidence (usually within two weeks).

How we use your photos

We like to use images and quotes from schools to inspire other teachers and pupils about outdoor learning. They could appear on our award materials, website, press releases and social media.

If you'd prefer us not to use your photos and comments in this way, please make this clear when you send them to us. If you're happy for us to use them, please make sure you have permission from parents and photographers before you submit them.

You can find out more about we use and look after your personal information in our privacy policy.

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