So the ten principles themselves create a framework for everybody to be able to engage with the importance of nature within our modern lives.

Tree charter principles seem to cover just about everything that we do here

increasing biodiversity and helping nature as much as we can.

We have some glorious trees here that haven't all been recorded yet.

We have done some big planting projects, one was at manor field where we held a few events

People started trickling in by the end of the day we had 120 each time coming to help us out we got over 800 trees in the ground that day.

When I like plant trees I feel proud of myself I think I've done a good job.

We exist in order to promote the value of woodland education

and providing walks which allow people to come and experience the social and ecological value of woodland.

And the idea behind this is to get people spending time in woodland and also because they know more about it I'm hoping they'll become the protectors and guardians of woodlands and trees in future.

The tree charter principles fit very well with the aims of S.T.A.G (Sheffield Tree Action Groups).

Particularly the charter principle of protecting trees.

I think it's a fantastic idea that we've got to increase the number of trees in our urban environments.

We're very keen to make the best use of the lands that we've got a tremendous opportunity to be in control of over a short period of time at least.

For example, when we came up to plant all these trees for Arthur to be involved, together with a friend of yours,

actually involved in planting a woodland on our land and it's lovely now to share that as the woodland is growing.

If we didn't have trees then the animals wouldn't have place to live. They would have to have a hard life, than a nice comfortable one.

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